At Swipe Out Hunger, charity starts on campus

How one woman’s bid to Swipe Out Hunger turned unused meal plan points into help for food-insecure college students.

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How future tech is helping elephants

Scientists and conservationists are using AI, VR and image-based data to protect the endangered species.

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Meet the CEO of Girl Rising

Christina Lowery’s mission is to educate girls across the globe—and create new futures for them in the process.

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6 nonprofits helping global businesses go green

HP salutes its eco-partners, forward thinking allies we rely on to help us see and build a better future.

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Recycling electronics while rebuilding lives

L.A.'s Homeboy Electronics Recycling is helping HP support local communities as it expands its pioneering closed-loop recycling system.

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Lessons from Lebanon on World Refugee Day

With a long-term commitment and fiercely dedicated local partners, HP is providing technology-enabled learning in conflict regions, one classroom at a time.

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In China, a new program empowers female workers

Thanks to HP and its partner, Diageo, supply chain workers are developing new skills.

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The eco-karma of everything-as-a-service

HP’s subscription services for consumers and businesses are driving the trend of making products cheaper, more efficient and kinder to the planet.

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First cartridges, now printers: HP raises the bar for recycling

HP is creating a closed loop recycling program for hardware gadgets.

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Helping the next Alexander Hamilton rise

HP is collaborating with the Graham School to give underserved teens their shot at greatness.

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Turning plastic trash into printers

With innovative design and real-life recycling solutions, HP is helping to create new revenue streams for a struggling community in Haiti.

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