The future of work: Will better tech mean better meetings?

HP’s Chief Experience Architect says VR, AI and machine learning will boost productivity and creative collaboration.

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Meet the voxel, the tiny 3D building blocks that will transform our world

The "3D pixels" at the heart of 3D printing are poised to revolutionize manufacturing, ushering in a new era of local, personalized production and never-before design possibilities.

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A printer designed for space travel

HP’s ENVY ISS Printer, now orbiting Earth on the International Space Station, was engineered to perform in zero gravity.

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3 ways drones are proving more useful than ever imagined

They’re spotting sharks before they strike, delivering medical supplies to isolated regions and getting pipelines and bridges repaired before they fail.

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Alexis Lewis knows your secret: You’re an inventor

The teen innovator already has one patent, with another pending. Now she’s on a mission to make that no big deal.

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Pennsylvania-based startup makes Star Trek’s tricorder a reality

Final Frontier Medical Devices’ DxtER will let consumers diagnose dozens of health conditions at home, without a physician.

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Ready, set…Mars! Imagining life on the Red Planet

After reviewing months of work and hundreds of 3D designs, HP’s second Mars Home Planet challenge unveils its 10 finalists.

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Small change, big impact: Using crowdfunding to invest in neighborhoods

Small Change founder Eve Picker wants everyone to be able to invest in urban renewal — and reap the rewards.

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The amazing science behind HP’s new full-color 3D printers

Behind HP’s new Jet Fusion 300/500 series is breakthrough thinking on light, heat and speed.

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Introducing HP’s 2018 Megatrends, and how they’re shaping our world

At CES in Las Vegas, HP’s CTO maps out a vision for the future.

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Innovation begins in the garage

HP isn’t the only high-tech company that started in this low-tech workspace. Why do garages spark such reinvention?

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